Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Promotion Speech

2012 Promotion Speech Guidelines

·               Your speech should include the following parts:
o   a brief introduction (who you are, how long you've been at Roosevelt)
o   An “I’ll always remember” and/or “I’ll never forget” section that covers some of the “highlights” of your time at Roosevelt
o   Thank you’s (teachers, other staff, family-not classmates)
o   A closing that states your wishes for the class of 2012

·               Your family may help you brainstorm ideas, but the actual speech must be written by you (I will help you proofread and edit).
·               The speech needs to be between 1 and 3 minutes (maximum) long .
·               You must rehearse your speech many times (at home in front of a mirror and/or family members or in front of friends) so that when you give it, you will be able to look at the audience and sound as if you are simply talking, not reading.
·               You will be asked to give your speech to your teacher several times in order to ensure your readiness.

You must have your finished speech by Wednesday, May 23rd.  Four students from each classroom will be selected.  (Two students from Mr. Fishbaugh’s classroom.)

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