Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy New Year

I hope that everyone had a wonderful winter break. I enjoyed a “staycation” eating lots of sweets.

I want to thank the class as a whole for the wonderful gift card that I received for a special store that sells my favorite sweaters. I haven’t purchased anything yet but will let you know when I do. Thanks also for the itunes gift card. This has come in handy for music and apps.

I look forward to seeing the sea creature reports and learning about all the creatures that we may see at Pigeon Point.

I hope that you are all excited and getting ready for our Pigeon Point trip. We leave this Wednesday. It looks like we will have pretty good weather, but remember we are right on the coast so please follow the packing suggestions.

Essential Equipment                                                                                       Optional Equipment
**Bring a bag lunch for the first day**                                                             Camera (please label and send 
Waterproof rain gear                             Water bottle                                          batteries)
Sleeping bag OR sheet + blanket           Warm Hat (preferably wool)                  Gloves or mittens
Garbage bag for wet clothes                  Day pack or book bag                            Pillow
Winter quality coat                                Sunscreen                                             Binoculars
Warm sweater or sweatshirt                   Ball cap or hat with visor                       Slippers
2 long-sleeve shirts                                Lip Balm                                              Stationery and stamps
3 pairs long pants                                  Toothbrush and toothpaste                   Watch
Warm sleepwear                                   Washcloth, towel and soap                    Sunglasses
3 t-shirts                                               Shampoo, comb or brush                      Shower sandals
4 pairs of socks                                     Flashlight with new batteries
4 sets underwear                                                                                  
1 pair comfortable walking shoes (close-toed)
1 or 2 pairs of close-toed shoes that can get wet  (for beach/tidepools)  
Laundry bag                                                                                         
Pillowcase (if you are not sending a pillow, please provide 1 case)
Food (except first lunch)    
Gum    Candy
Matches   Curling Irons
Money   Knives  or toys
ANY electronic item (except camera, flashlight and watch)