Wednesday, April 25, 2012


State Testing

We are reviewing intensely for the California State Tests. Here is the schedule of when the tests will be given. Please try to make sure that you child is in school on these days. The tests will be given from 10-12.

May 2, Tuesday            CST             English Language Arts
May 3, Wednesday            CST             English Language Arts
May 4, Thursday            CST             Science
May 5, Friday              CST             Science
May 8, Tuesday            CST             Math
May 9, Wednesday            CST             Math

If you would like to see a sample of the test you can do a google search of -  CST released test questions grade 5.

You child can also log on to study island to review and practice skills.

Other important dates

May 16             All School Assembly
May 16             Multicultural Event
May 17            Field Trip to Bancroft Musical Theater
May 23            Open House  6pm
May 25 and 28            No School
May 29-June 4                        Reading Fluency Testing Early Out
May 31            Field Trip Marine Science Institute (We will return late to school – estimated time 5pm)

Field Trips

May 17            Bancroft Musical Theater at SL High Performing Arts Center

This is a walking trip, but we still need a few chaperones to accompany us. Nora and Breanna will be performing in this show. We will leave at around 11:15.

May 31            Marine Science Institute - departing from Redwood City

We will take a 4 hour voyage on a 90 by 30 foot research vessel on the San Francisco Bay. Our voyage is from 1pm to 4 pm. It is a safe and stable vessel. Students will spend half a day as field researchers to discover the multitude of life in the bay. The students will rotate through several stations and use real research equipment to capture and examine plankton, collect water samples, and run tests. They will haul in a net to catch, identitfy, and then release a wide variety of fish species.

Permission slips will be sent home soon
Please let me know as soon as possible if you are interested in chaperoning for this excursion. We will leave around 11am and have lunch at the Marine Science Institute. I expect some traffic returning to school and so I estimate our arrival time to be approximately 5pm.

I used my gift certificate from the class for  Christmas and bought a lovely, soft and warm, wool blanket made by my favorite Norwegian sweater designer. Hooray! Thank you so much!

Last Book Project due May 18


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