Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Thank you for a wonderful Teacher Appreciation Week. I really enjoyed the daily deliveries of tea and pastries, the beautiful and fragrant flowers, the sweet notes from the students and the “little extras.”  

I was very proud of how hard the students worked on their CST.  Way to go!

Important Schedule change

Beginning June 4 all days will be early out days.  A note will be sent home soon in regards to what day your child’s reading will be assessed.
May 29-June 1 we will be dismissed at our usual time.
Also note - we will return to school on May 31 at around 6pm

Family Life curriculum will begin May 29.

Several students received notices that they have not verified their residency for Bancroft. These students will not receive a schedule for 6 th grade. Please ask your child if they received one of these.

In class right now
Math – We are doing an exciting unit about algebra (that I love) using the hands on equations materials. Students are solving equations like 8+2x+3-x=2x+1. The students are amazed at the advanced math that they can do and I have heard from former students that it helps them when they take Algebra in the later grades.

Science – We are learning about the scientific method and how to create our own science fair projects using an Interact unit. The students are learning and working together as they solve a mystery based at a school.

Reading – Theme 5 – One Land, Many Trails
Story – Pioneer Girl
Strategy Focus- Questions
Comprehension Skill – Propaganda
Word Work – Suffixes, Possessive Pronouns, Contractions with Pronouns
Writing – Persuasive Essay

Students have an opportunity to give a speech at the 5th grade promotion
Students also have the opportunity to apply for the Ed Cerf Award

May 16            Multi Cultural Event
May17                        Bancroft Musical Theater Field trip
May 18            Band performance 10am
May 23            Open House 6-7:30
May 24            Early Dismissal
May 25            No School – Furlough Day
May 28            No School – Memorial Day
May 31            Marine Science Institute Field Trip (returning at 6pm)
June 6                        Hornet Hustle
June 14             Promotion 8:45am/Bay o Vista Swim Party 

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